ATTENTION! The tours are operated all year round.

Admission fees are not included and the choice is up to you.

The prices shown below are for groups up to 25 persons.

We are able to modify the program according to your wishes.


All the tours refered to below are on foot.


Most of the tours can also be done by car an additional fee.

Prague´s classic tours:

Starting with Prague

(4-5h according to number of entries and size of the group)

Price: 95€

This tour will introduce Prague´s highlights.

An informative and interesting overview of the Golden Prague for the beginners and people on a one-day trip to Prague.


Come with us and travel in time to experience more than 1000 years history of magic capital of the Czech Republic. Let´s meet Czech kings at the Castle, follow the footsteps of W.A. Mozart and better understand the personality of Franz Kafka. While walking accross the famous Charles Bridge we make our Mission Possible!


Optional addmission fees (not included):


Strahov Monastery 110 CZK


Loreto – place of pilgrimage 110 CZK


Prague Castle 250 CZK


Start at Strahov Monastery (superb view on Prague) – Černínský palace - Loreto Convent – New World Street – Hradčany square – Prague Castle (Cathedral of St. Vitus, Presidential Palace, Old Royal Palace, Golden Lane) – Lesser Town – St. Nicolas Church – Holy Enfant of Prague – Kampa Island – Charles Bridge – Jewish Quarter – Old Town Square.

Left river bank: Prague Castle in detail (3h)

Price: 70€

We´ll tell you about almost every step made during 1000 years history of one of the largest castles in Europe! In fact, this is brief introduction to European architecture and politics from the first Christian king to the last communist president of this country. We´ll also visit interiors of the Old Royal Palace, St. Vitus´s Cathedral, Basilica of St. George and the Golden Lane. After the Castle tour you can enjoy cup of coffee in the Baroque backround of the Lesser Town.


Admission fees (not included):


Prague Castle 250 CZK

Right River Bank: Old Town and New Town in detail


Price for group: 70€

Stroll down the 1968 and 1989 revolutionary Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí). Appreciate New Town (founded 1348!) - the unbelievable mix of Czech modern architecture of 1900´s in close vicinity of medieval dwellings of the Old Town. Follow the main shopping street which leads you to the masterpiece of Art Noveau style – Municipal House. Join the kings on their parade down the „Royal Route“ to the heart of Prague – the Old Town Square with it´s magical Astronomical Clock. Listen to interesting history of the former Jewish Gnetto with one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. Our tour ends on the symbol of Prague – the Charles Bridge.


No admission fees.

Prague thematical tours:

Prague in film (3-4h)

Price for group: 80€

Bond. James Bond.


Cruise. Tom Cruise.


Diesel. Vin Diesel.


Amadeus. Mission Impossible. XXX. Bourne Identity. Casino Royal. Shanghai Knights. From Hell. The League of extraordinery men. Les Miserables. Hostel. Bad Company. Oliver Twist, Van Helsing...just to mention some of the movies filmed in Prague in the last 25 years.


We show you the locations and tell you some interesting stories from the celebrities stay in Prague.


Optional admission fees (not included):


Strahov Library


St. Nicolas Church


National Museum

Mozart in Prague (3-4h)

Price for group: 90€

Since the first time this musical genius came to Prague in 1780´s, he fell in love with local people. Mozart came to Prague five times and wrote his most famous opera Don Giovanni here. Let´s follow his footsteps, meet him in the places where he stayed and played the organ and conducted premiere of Don Giovanni. Did he meet Beethoven, Dvorak or Smetana in Prague??? We´ll give you the answer...


Transfer by public transportation is not included – 20 CZK/person.


Optional admission fees (not included):


Bertramka Mozart Museum (CLOSED IN FEBRUARY 2010)


Estate Theatre (prior reservation necessary!)


St. Nicolas Church

From Art Nouveau to Modern Architecture (3-4h)

Price for group: 80€

Absolutely unique tour of forgotten pearles of Czech modern in the shade of medieval beauty. Beside the splendour of fin-de-siecle Art Nouveau to simplicity of 1920´s and 1930´s Functionalism (Bauhaus). Sip your coffee in the world´s only Cubist cafe! Spend your last fifty bucks on the „trendy“ beer on the terrace of famous Fred and Ginger – Dancing House by Frank Gehry and Vlado Milunic. For this tour we stay on the right river bank.


Optional admission fees (not included):


Alfons Mucha Museum 150 CZK


Municipal House


Cubist Museum 100 CZK

Thirty Year´s War in Prague 1618-1648  (3-4h)

Price for group: 80€

Who knows today that the first European War started in the protestant Prague in 1618? Who knows today that the pictures and statues placed in Royal Palace in Stockholm were originaly collected by the Bohemian king Rudolph II at the Prague Castle? Do you know what DEFENESTRATION means? Let´s get deeper to the religious history of 30 years war while looking at the Swedish cannonballs on Prague walls.


Admission fees (not included):


Strahov Library 100 CZK


Prague Castle 250 CZK

Jewish Qarter (3h)

Price for group: 80€

Prague has one of the oldest and most important jewish centres of Europe. Learn about the jewish traditions and holiday, listen to the mediaval history of jewish settlement and follow the liberal and tragic moments of jewish community up to the World War II and the Communist Period. Did you know that Nazis estabilished the Central Jewish Museum here in 1942? Or that in the Old Jewish Cemetery people were buried in layers? Never heard the Rabi Löw Golem legend? Join the fascinating and moving tour trough the jewish traditions and history.


The Old New Synagogue – The Jewish Town Hall - The Maisel Synagogue - The Pinkas Synagogue - The Old Jewish Cemetery - The Ceremonial Hall - The Klausen Synagogue - The Spanish Synagogue – The Franz Kafka Monument


Admission fees (not included):


Synagogues and Old Jewish Cemetery 200 CZK


Optional admission fees (not included):


Old New Synagogue 200 CZK